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We have selling the natural water treatment agent -


This product is an eco-friendly organic material whose diffusibility and precipitation is increased by enhancing the activity of natural minerals and control the size of their particles. It is a natural water treatment agent that can remove materials that cause water pollution, such as organic matters, COD, nitrogen and phosphorus at the same time. 

Key Features:

1. Design and system for polluted rivers, lakes, artificial ponds,sea water.
2. Deposition sludge treatment system.

Benefits of this product:

< div>- Use of a single ingredient
- Simplified system

2. Environmentality
- No secondary contamination
- Inducing of biodegradation of reactive sludge (Oxidation & Biodegradable)
- Reuse of reactive sludge for soil seed spray 

3. Functionality
- Realization of prompt separation of solid and liquid materials
- Simultaneous removing of SS, BOD, COD, green algae, stench, T-N and T-P
- Inhibiting the growth of chlorine-resistant pathogenic microorganism
- Capping of heavy metals
- Reduction of sludge water content. Easy to treat large volume

4. Economic feasibility
- Saving of system investment costs by simplifying the treating process
- Reduction of maintenance costs
- Minimized power consumption

Price : Ask for quotation

For inquiry, please email to or contact 07-556 7291. Thank you.

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