Water Quality Product - Nualgi Lakes

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We have selling water quality product -

Nualgi Lakes

This product is designed to regenerate & treat the water quality especially for polluted water problems such as algae blooms, red tides, ammonia, toxic pollution, etc.

This product contains 12 elements which are essentials for diatoms growth which can increase Dissolved Oxygen during photosynthesis process.

Benefits & Action

- Increases dissolved oxygen
- Reduces nitrates in all forms
- Rapidly reduces BOD & COD levels
- Degrades and gradually eliminated the sludge
- Mitigates vector borne larvae and pathogens

Apply to :

- Large lakes
- Irrigation lakes & channels
- Bays, inland & coastal waters
- Facultative & oxidation ponds
- CAPO Lagoons

Price : Ask for quotation

For inquiry, please email to sales@wqe.com.my or contact 07-556 7291. Thank you.

Advertised by : Khairul Azhar
Email : azhar@wqe.com.my

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