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Frequently Asked Questions
My friend told me about Boost Mobile. How do I get the Referral Program account credit?

In order to be recognized as a valid referral and be eligible to earn account credit, your friend will need to login to their Boost Mobile Referral Program account at and refer you via email or by sending you their personal referral link. Click here for complete Program Rules.

How soon will the $25 credit be applied to my account?What are the Referral Program Rules?What are the Referral Program Terms & Conditions?What if I forgot my password / I need to reset my password / I'm getting a password not created message?My referral was approved. Where is my reward?What if my referral is still verifying?Why was my referral denied?The website says my phone number already exists in the system. What should I do?What if I entered my information (name, phone number, or email address) incorrectly?Am I eligible for referral rewards?How do I make a referral?My friend has already activated their Boost Mobile account.Can secondary lines on a Family Plan earn referral rewards?

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