Music Production for minus one/karaoke, song compossing & arrangement, jingle, etc

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We are jk13 Music Production, a home recording studio based on Jakarta. With over 12 years of experiences, we would like to offer you our many services of music creation.

Minus one/Backing Track/Karaoke/Cover: hard to find your favorite karaoke song on Internet? Order it from us for only Rp100.000-Rp200.000 or $10-20 (MYR28-56). All with professional quality.

Music arrangement: do you have your own melody and lyric? You can make your idea into a professional record. Complete with backing vocal. We offer this services for only Rp500.000-Rp1.000.000 or $50-100 (MYR139-278)

Song creation/jingle: want to start a career as a singer but didn't have any material? We can help you in creating song that fit for your character for Rp1.000.000-Rp4.000.000 or $100-400 (MYR278-1.111). We also provide jingle making services for company, advertising, etc starting from Rp1.000.000 or $100 (MYR278) complete with professional singer.

For more information please cek our blog at or contact us by email,, or bbm 2bac8084, and WA on 085977813070.

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